Any texture can be used to create particles.

Selecting Textures

16 textures are displayed at any one time. Click on any texture to select it. Emitted particles will change immediately to display the selected texture.

Previous and Next Arrows

Over 50 particle textures are provided with the HUD. Scroll through all the available textures by using the left and right arrows.

Adding and Deleting Textures

To add textures, edit the HUD and drag textures from your inventory to the Contents tab of the Particular’s edit window. Textures MUST be full perm.

To delete textures, edit the HUD and highlight any texture in the Contents tab of the Particular’s edit window. Press Delete on your keyboard or right-click and select Delete.

In both cases, the HUD will take a few seconds to update the texture list. If you add or delete a large number of textures at one time, it’s possible that a texture might be missed. If this happens, simply Reset the HUD and all will be well.

Making your own Particle Textures

You can make your own textures buy using any photo editing software such as Photoshop. Textures should be:

  • square – this will mean you don’t need to adjust the width and height of particles separately in the Scale setting.
  • small – 256 x 256 pixels is an ideal size. This means they will rez more quickly.
  • have a transparent background.
  • saved in png format.

A sample of some of the pre-loaded textures in the Particulator.