The Fotoscope Particulator V2

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What are Particles?

A particle in Second Life is nothing more than a texture which is emitted from an object containing a particle script. However, a particle texture can be manipulated in all sorts of ways to create some very striking effects.

Once emitted, a particle can exist for up to 30 seconds. During its lifetime it can:

  • move slowly or quickly in any direction
  • remain in exactly the same place
  • move towards a target which can be itself, another object or an avatar
  • transition from large to small or vice versa
  • transition from one colour, transparency or glow amount to another
  • have a glow effect

Single particles can be emitted or effects containing thousands of particles can be created.

Particles are 2-dimensional – they have height and width but no depth. An interesting feature is that they always appear to face the viewer so the illusion of 3D is created.

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What does the Fotoscope Particulator Do?

The Particulator is a HUD which gives you access to everything particles can do. The only exception is the Blend function which may be implemented in a future update.  It requires no scripting knowledge whatsoever and you interact with the HUD by clicking buttons – no typing is required.

Particles are created in real time so you see instantly, the result of what you do. The Particulator has several modules, each of which is displayed on a separate face of the HUD. Settings are changed using the Texture, Colour, Flags and Settings modules of the HUD.

Once you create a particle effect, the settings can be dumped in local chat and then pasted into a script. This can be placed in any object where you have modify rights. The included standalone emitter and emitter scripts are full perm so you can use them with your own creations which can then be sold or given away. Full details can be found in the Export page.