Main Module

The main face of the Particulator allows you to access all of the main settings.

Emitters Section

New: This rezzes a new emitter and all settings will be reset to their default values. If an emitter is already rezzed, it will be derezzed.

On/Off: Turns particle emission On or Off.

Show/Hide: Shows or Hides the Emitter prim.

Particles Section

Textures: Displays the particle Textures face.Settings: Displays the Settings face.
Colour: Displays the Colour settings face.Flags: Displays the Flags face.

Other Functions

Emitter: This opens up the Emitter face where you can rotate or spin the emitter. This is described in detail later on.

Dump: This will Dump a list of all particle settings in local chat. This is described fully on the Export page.

Show/Hide Tips: Shows or hides tips which are displayed in local chat. They will appear at various points as you use the Particulator. They can be turned off once you are familiar with the Particulator.

Help:  Other than the Quick Startup Guide, all help is contained within this section of the FotoscopeSL website. Clicking the Help button will open a menu with a hyperlink to the start of this section.

Reset: This resets all scripts and takes you back to the default settings. A menu will ask you to confirm this. This is useful if you just want to start again!

Minimise: The minimise icon at the bottom right will reduce the HUD to a single small icon (displayed on the right). Click this icon to restore the HUD to its previous position. The minimise icon appears on several of the Particulator’s faces.