Getting Started

What’s in the Box?

  • 3 Huds – Small Medium and Large.  These are called Fotoscope Particular V2 followed by S, M or L. The HUDs have Copy/Modify permissions. HUD scripts are Copy, No Trans, No Modify
  • 1 scripted Standalone Emitter – use this if you want to use a particle effect you have created in a separate object.  Both the Emitter object and its script are full perms.
  • 2 Emitter Scripts – these can be placed in your own objects or creations. One has a menu with various options while the other has a simple On/Off on click (Owner only) feature. Both of these scripts are full perms.
  • 1 scripted Remote Target prim . The prim is full perms, the script is No Modify.
  • 1 Quick Start Guide
  • 1 Copies box – This contains a duplicate set of everything listed above. If you need to use this, rez the box and click it. The contents will appear in an inventory folder called ‘Fotoscope Particulator V2 Copies‘. You can use this box as many times as you wish.


Find the HUD in your inventory and click Add. There are 3 sizes of HUD so you can choose one that fits your screen best. In the first instance, it will be added to the Centre attachment point and should appear in the middle of your screen. You can choose to attach it to a different attachment point. If you do, the HUD will appear elsewhere.


You can move the HUD to any position on your screen. Do this by editing the HUD and dragging it to your preferred position. It will remember this new position when next you add it.


3 HUDs  – small, medium and large are provided. You may find that one of them is an ideal size. If not, you can resize by editing the HUD and dragging one of the Size handles. You should not Edit Linked Parts at any time otherwise you run the risk of breaking the HUD. As resizing is something you will probably only do once, I decided to use this approach rather than a Resizer script which would be slow and would add to the overall impact of the scripts.


Working with the Particulator

Once you have added, positioned and resized the HUD, you are ready to begin particulating!

Click New to rez an emitter which will appear a couple of metres in front of you.

The following pages give details of all the functions of the Particulator.


The HUD necessarily uses a lot of textures. These have been kept as small as possible. They are also loaded in to invisible faces of the HUD so they will rez more quickly when any display is selected. However, you may find that some displays will take a second or two to rez. This will cease to be an issue once you have used the HUD for a time as all textures will have been added to your cache.

The HUD will also give a warning about the possible impact on performance. I haven’t found this to be an issue. In any case, it’s unlikely that you will use the HUD on busy, laggy sims!