Flags are off/on switches and have a variety of effects all of which are explained below.
Click any of the buttons to toggle the switches on or off.

Colour: Colour and alpha settings will be applied when this is switched ON and ignored when switched OFF.

Bright: Particles are set to Full Bright when this is on. Otherwise particles will be lit using the current global settings.

Scale: Scale settings are used when this is switched ON. They are ignored when it is OFF.

Tilt: When ON, particles will tilt towards the direction they are emitted. Otherwise they will appear vertically.

Bounce: When ON, particles will not be able to move below the height of the emitter. In effect, they will bounce!

Wind: When ON, particles will be affected by the SL ‘wind’. This will produce unpredictable results as there is no way of knowing or influencing the direction and speed of SL wind!

Follow: When ON, particles will ‘follow’ the emitter. This only has an effect with a moving emitter.

Target: When ON, particles will move towards a specified target. If no target is specified, the emitter itself will be used as the target.

Linear: When ON, particles will move in a straight line towards a specified target. Useful for laser beam effects.

Ribbon: When On, particles will appear in a single continuous strip. Particles are stretched or squeezed so that they always connect to adjacent particles. Some very weird effects are possible with this!

Default Settings

Colour, Bright and Scale flags are switched ON by default. The others are OFF by default.