This page describes how you can export the settings from the Particulator to create standalone emitters or to include particle effects in your own creations.

Step 1 – Create a particle effect in the Particulator

Step 2 – Dump and Copy the Particle Settings

When you have created an effect you are happy with, click the Dump button on the Main face of the Particulator. A list of settings will be sent to local chat. Highlight this list and copy it using CTRL C (PC) or Command C (Mac). Alternatively,  right-click and choose Copy . It’s very important that you copy ONLY the list with no spaces either side.

Only the text highlighted in yellow should be copied.

Step 3 – Paste the Particle Settings and Save

You have several options as to where you paste your list and these are described below. In each case the same approach is used.

  1. Open the script where you wish to paste your list.
  2. Find the line ‘list ParticleValues = [];” (Highlighted in yellow below) It is a few lines down from the beginning of the script.
  3. Position the cursor between the two square brackets.
  4. Paste the list using CTRL V (PC) or Command V (Mac). Alternatively, right-click and choose Paste.
  5. Save the script.

The Standalone Emitter

Your first choice of using your particle effect is a Standalone Emitter. This can be used independently of any other object.

To create a working emitter:

  1. rez a Fotoscope Standalone Emitter.
  2. Edit the emitter and open the Content tab.
  3. Double-click on the script named ‘Standalone Emitter’ to open it.
  4. Paste the list using the instructions above.

The emitter should start emitting particles immediately. A menu offering the following choices will be displayed:

  • Turn On / Turn Off
  • Show Emitter / Hide Emitter
  • Target
  • Reset

The first 4 options are self-explanatory.

The Target option allows you to select one of 4 targets or No Target. The options are the same as those described on the Settings page.


If you select the Remote Prim option, a Remote Prim will be rezzed and particles will be aimed towards it. You can change to another target and the Remote Prim will remain in place and can be selected again at any time. However, if you have deleted the Remote Prim in the meantime, you will need to click Reset before you are able to rez another Remote Prim. It has been done this way to reduce script lag and to avoid unnecessary prims being rezzed.

Reset will reset everything to the default settings and the emitter will restart.

It’s a good idea to change the name of the emitter to something easily identifiable. Do this by replacing the words, “Fotoscope Standalone Emitter” (highlighted in green above) with a name of your choice.

The Emitter Scripts

The Emitter scripts work more or less in the same way as above. However, it’s a really good idea to copy the script in inventory and rename it before doing anything else. Once you have done this, open the script you want to use by double-clicking on it on your inventory. Paste the list and save the script. The script can then be put in any object for which you have Modify rights.

There are two scripts:

  • Emitter Script (with Menu) – this works in exactly the same way as the Standalone Emitter script above.
  • Emitter Script (without Menu) – this has no menu system so you can’t choose an avatar as a target. Any target included in your dumped list will be activated automatically.  The particle effect can be turned on and off simply by clicking the prim into which this script is copied.

The code which sets the name of the emitter in both of these scripts has been removed so that it doesn’t rename your own objects.

Selling your own Creations

The Standalone Emitter and the two emitter scripts are all full perm so they can be used with your own creations and sold on within Second Life or in Marketplace.

  • I would strongly recommend that you do not sell anything with full permissions.
  • The scripts in any object you create you sell should definitely be set to No Modify.
  • Under no circumstances should any of these scripts be sold as separate items.


Have fun creating some amazing particle effects!!!