The Emitter face allows you to rotate and/or spin the emitter. This can be used to create a wide variety of interesting effects.

Rotate the Emitter

When the particle emitter is first rezzed, particles will always be emitted in the same direction ie upwards from the top face of the emitter. Rotating the emitter allows you to ‘point’ the emitted particles in different directions.

Use the 6 arrow icons in the upper part of the face to rotate the emitter prim. It will be rotated in increments of 45 degrees along the x, y and/or z axes. The arrows on the emitter prim will point in the direction in which particles will be emitted.

Click the = icon to return the emitter to its default rotation.

Spin the Emitter

This can create some great effects when used with the Angle and Angle Cone patterns and different Targets. It has no effect with the Drop and Explode patterns.

Click the left or right arrows in the lower part of the face to spin the emitter. The right arrow will increase the speed, the left will decrease the speed. Click the square icon to stop spinning.

The emitter will only spin along the z axis. However, used in conjunction with rotate, you can spin the emitter any which way you like!


The Spin feature uses TargetOmega. This is a quirky command and it may stop occasionally, for example when the prim rotation is changed. If this happens click either one of the spin arrows and it will restart. It will also restart if you switch the emitter off and on again.