About Fotoscope

Fotoscope began its Second Life in 2007. It was a sim called Fotoscope Island where the emphasis was on fun and photography. There was a store on the sim and the Fotoscope Marketplace Store still exists today.

Fotoscope Island was built by Korgi Lerwick and Squishypaint Aabye early in 2008. Squishypaint did most of the terraforming and building while Korgi scripted. Squishypaint created the Fotoscope logos and colour scheme and also helped Korgi develop his Photoshop skills – he was a complete Photoshop novice at the time!

In late 2014 (or maybe early 2015!) Fotoscope Island was replaced by Duet. This was created by Jules Phelan and Korgi Lerwick. It was a considerably enhanced version of Fotoscope,  improved greatly by a woman’s touch! Duet went offline in 2018.

The very first Fotoscope Island Store
The Desert at Fotoscope
King of the Desert
Oswald the Octopus
The Castle at Fotoscope Island
The Meadow at Duet
Wetlands at Duet
Wetlands at Duet
The Fotoscope Freefall
The Abandoned Graveyard
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